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JOB Selection



Swordman has strong physical attack and defense. Using one-handed swords and a shield give them strong defense. Using a two-handed sword will grant strong attacks. 2nd job class is a Knight with a long spear.



Mage can use powerful magic to attack many enemies at the same time. Its magic defense is very effective, but its physical defense is very low. Stay far from enemies to be the most effective. Wields wands as primary weapon. 2nd job class is the Wizard.



Archer performs its attacks from afar. With fast movement and various remote attacks, it prevents the enemy from getting closer. Primary weapon is a bow. 2nd job class changes to a Hunter that can train hunting falcons to fight together.



Thief has an agile talent, and is good at hiding behind others and performing fatal attacks. Primary weapon is a dagger. 2nd job class is the Assassin that uses a Katar or carries two daggers. (Not recommended for beginner players)



Acolyte is a job that can respond calmly to various situations with various attack skills and auxiliary skills. 2nd job class is a Priest that uses various support skills.(Due to its relatively slow initial levelup, it is not recommended for beginner players)



Merchants use Area of Effect skills to strengthen its various stats in order to cope with situations quickly. It is familiar with close combat. 2nd job class is a Blacksmith that can uses axes.(Due to relatively slow AOE level up, it is not recommeded for beginners.)