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4/20 Hotfix Notes

Greetings Rune-Midgart! We were working hard into the night to resolve some issues that were reported by our community. Here is a list of some of the things that we resolved in last night’s hotfix.


• Resolved an issue causing Chinese characters to occasionally appear after pressing some buttons and removed Chinese text from system mail and World Boss completion mail.
• Added a new button to the payment page, easily allowing players to access the power up page to get gems.
• Resolved a rare issue that occasionally caused payment issues resulting in confusing error messages.
• Corrected multiple errors in skill descriptions.
• Corrected an issue that was causing a delay in bonus items from Diamond exchanges.


As always, we are eager to hear from our community! If you notice anything in game that you think could be improved, or are having any issues at all, you can contact us any time at Support.WarpPortal.com. One of our GMs will be happy to hear from you and will help you out.