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Pet Transformation


Pet Transformation

Bored with your old pet? Don't worry because now you can transform your old drab pet into a shinny new one! New Individual School dungeons are on the way. Clear each of the 6 dungeons to increase your pet's image and abilities.


Individual School Dungeons

There are six Individual Schools: Lv.100, Lv.110, Lv.120, Lv.130 and Lv.150. Clear a stage to unlock the next level. Rewards are sent based on your star rating (3-star criteria: Clear a stage within 100 seconds with 40% or above HP left). There are a total of 6 challenges daily. The first 3 challenges are free of charge. The rest 3 challenges will require tickets. Failure or quitting will consume 1 challenge attempt.

But be warned, red Potions can't be used in these dungeons!


Raise Pet Image

  • Raising a pet image may activate extra permanent attributes.
  • Pet images can be upgraded to Lv.100.
  • Raising pet images requires card enhancement materials. Images at different levels require different card enhancement materials.
  • Pet images rank up every 20 levels. When an image reaches its max level in a certain stage, players can use the corresponding monster card and Evolution Cards to further upgrade the image. 


Pet Transformation

  • Unlock Level: Level 100.
  •  Transformation materials (Transform Leaf) do not have star levels.
  • After activating a pet image, tap Use Image to transform your pet into the corresponding pet image.
  • After transformation, the pet will receive extra transformation attribute bonuses.
  • Transformation materials are consumables. Each transformation lasts a limited period of time. There is a CD time for transformation. When the CD is not over, other pets cannot transform.