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Server Merge

We appreciate everyone’s participation in starting a new Ragnarok Journey.

During this first week, we opened 10 servers on the premise that having multiple servers would contribute to more competition among guilds in PvP. The development team has concluded that it is best that all of the existing servers be merged into one big server.

-Why merge so soon?

- We want to keep the initial community together to encourage parties for PvE and promote healthy competition in PvP

- 1 server allows us to utilize an optimized server setup and control over latency that will consolidate the current 10 servers to a better equipped single server.

- If the population of the server becomes too large we will open the other servers based on server player capacity.

When will the merge take place?

- Thursday March 30 11pm PDT

How Long will the merge take?

- The estimated time to complete the merge is 2 to 3 hours.

What will happen to my character and guild names?

Any characters that have the same name across servers will receive a server designation added to the end of their name

- At this time, name change service is not available. We are making plans to give players the ability to change their names in the future.

What about my items and gear?

- All items, equipment, materials will be transferred to the merged server along with the characters.

What happens to diamonds on multiple servers and characters?

- All diamonds will stay with their accounts.