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Ragnarok Journey Easter Event!

The Spirit of Easter Eggs has descended to RO in order to bring adventurers Easter Eggs!


Event Time:3/31~4/6(7 Days)

Where: Prontera 


The event period will be held in Prontera with timed monster egg spawns which can be defeated for the possibility of dropped loot (Easter Eggs with a variety of colors).


At the same time, monster eggs will also summon special Bosses (with a variety of colored hatching monsters; one low level and one high level.).


Players can only use the different colored eggs to hurt the different colored hatching monsters.  


Unleash the fighting state and attack the eggs! There is no limit to the amount of hatching monsters you can eliminate. 


Monsters that appear from the Hatching Monsters only have to eat the corresponding colored eggs in order for you to have the ability to attack it. 



Exchange loot to get cool stuff!



Happy Easter Everyone!