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Mother's Day Event

Happy Mother's Day Rune-Midgart! This Mother's Day, give your mum a break and do some of the cooking yourself! 

5 types of food ingrediants will drop on level 50 world maps or higher. Collect different ingredients to craft cool (and delicious) prizes!


The following will drop:

Wild Boar Meat
Goblin Milk
South Gate Carrots.


Visit the Kafra Ambassador in Prontera and they will help you craft the following items:

Wild Boar Meat x1 + Seasoning x5 + Salt x5 = Fragrant Payon Soup x1
Goblin Milk x20 + South Gate Carrot x6 + Salt x5 = Mother's Warmth
Goblin Milk x5 + South Gate Carrot x10 + Salt x2 = Al De Baran Royal Fruit Milk x1


You can also use the new items to create some great things to help you level up!

Using Wild Boar Meat will give a chance to obtain Feather x1

Using Seasoning will give a chance to obtain Halo Fragment x1

Using Salt will give a chance to obtain 10 Gift Voucher x1

Using Goblin Milk will  give a chance to obtain 20 Charm x1

Using South Gate Carrot will give a chance to obtain 100 Star Soul x1


Mother's Day Cooking Event