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New Update: Level Cap and 3rd Jobs!


Update June 22, 2018


New Level Cap:

1) Increased the character level limit to Lv.180 and the job level limit to Lv.150.

2) A maximum of 150 points can be added to AGI, DEX and Luck.


New 3rd Job Change:

1) Swordsman -> Rune Knight, Mage -> Warlock, Archer -> Ranger, Thief -> Guillotine Cross, Acolyte -> Arch Bishop and Merchant -> Mechanic

2) Added 3rd job change skills.

3) Added 3rd job change class mounts: Savu Dragon, Morad PecoPeco, Lazaro Chocobo, Karian Jackal, Tyrell Pegasus and Kercia Gryphon.


New Maps:

1)   Added new World Maps: Midgard Camp and Odin Temple.

2)  Added the World Monsters: Skogul, Frus, Skeggiold Black, Skeggiold and Lost Dragon.


New Features:

1) Added the Endless Tower Challenge.

2) Added dungeons: Pyramid Chamber and Somatology Laboratory Floor 8.

3) Unlocked Floors 71-75 for the Challenge Dungeon.

4) Added the equipment enchantment feature. (It is said the legendary blacksmith in Payon mastered an ability to further strengthen equipment from some ancient coins. Warriors, go check it out.)


Others Additions:

1) Added Alien World main quests.

2) Added the 8-Star Lv.1 pet: Valkyrie.

3)Added new items: Elementary Mora Coin, Intermediate Mora Coin, Advanced Mora Coin and 2nd Job Change Skill Book.