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End of Closed Beta Test

Thank you all for participating in the Closed Beta Test for Ragnarok Journey. For your help in testing during this Beta we will be sending e-mails to those of you who participated in the pre-registration and CBT Key giveaway when we officially launch the game soon.

A few things that we want to re-iterate to all of you who have helped test the game out.

- Pre-registered accounts and passwords will NOT work when the game goes live

- CBT accounts can be used to access the game once it is live

- All character data and items will be deleted at the conclusion of the CBT and will not carry-over to the live service

We encourage anyone to take our feedback survey so that we can use it to improve the game when we launch next week.

Speaking of the launch. We tenatively plan on launching early next week so stay tuned.

Official launch date will be posted here on the News section when we have confirmed that no game-breaking bugs have been reported and/or have been fixed.

Thank you

-WarpPortal Team